Maru Prado Conti

Experience: Singer, actress and Vocal coach.
She is currently producing and starring in "This is Gaga" Tribute Concert in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In Spain she worked as a vocalist and presenter in Port Aventura and Med Playa hotels doing musical theater shows. In Argentina she participated in "Beauty and the Beast" (Original Broadway Musical) at the Opera Theatre. She starred in different musicals such as "Che, el musical Argentino", "Juicio a lo Natural", "Embrujadas de Amor". National tour of "Manuelita, la tortuga de Pehuajó". Singing teacher at the vocal academy Katie Viqueira, Artedanza, Ricky Pashkus studio. She is the creator and director of the study program in New York "Tu Experiencia Broadway".
Personal Information
Artist you inspire or admire: Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Celine Dion, among others. I admire those who fight for their dreams and work very hard to create art even though we often feel that we are not enough, or how difficult the path of personal growth is. My goal is always to fulfill dreams and create art from the love and vulnerability that we sometimes feel in this path that is life.